Friday, January 20, 2012

Sci-Fi in Space!

As a science fiction nerd, I can hardly contain my excitement about this.  We may soon have the first science fiction film shot in space!

Apparently the footage was shot in 2008 by a visitor to the International Space Station (ISS), Richard Garriott.  Legal issues ensued because the filming wasn't included in the agreement that Garriott had with NASA, thus delaying the release of the film.

Gotta love the bureaucratic obstacles we face in modern society.  

Yet there's hope as it seems NASA may soon approve the film.  It's called Apogee of Fear.  Oooh.  The title's giving me chills already!

One thing I'm sure of on this one.  Whatever the quality of the film may be, this is awesome!

Image Courtesy of NASA Goddard Photo and Video

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