Thursday, January 19, 2012

Creative Projects Galore

It seems that I have too much ambition, but unfortunately not all that much success as of yet.  However, I am not about to give up.

My primary passion has always been for writing, but there are a lot of ways to utilize that passion.  I recently started an online store with Cafe Press where I've been designing shirts and other accessories.  My goal is to celebrate geek culture with witty sayings (at least I hope they're witty), and to get some of my work noticed.  My store is, like this blog, called Warped Nerdiversity.  The name comes from many sources.  First of all, I've loved Star Trek all my life, so I took the word "warped" from their use of the warp drive.  Geeky, right?  "Nerd" is obvious, of course.  The word "nerdiversity" as a whole comes from my love of college, or university, and the multitude of smartass shirts I saw people wearing there.  And, happily enough, the word also contains "diversity," which is appropriate since I want to have a diverse range of products that will appeal to geeks everywhere.

Anyway, the store is new and the apparel limited, but feel free to check it out.

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