Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sharing Designs

Since part of the purpose of this blog is to display some of the projects I've been working on, I might as well do just that.  These designs are some of those available on a variety of items in my Cafe Press online shop.  I know that they aren't all that skillful from an artistic standard (although if I do team up with one of my artist friends like I've been considering, that may change), but they're meant to be funny while embracing a decidedly nerdy outlook on life.

This one is a two part design I call The Ultimate Question.  This one is featured on t-shirts with the first part on the front and the second on the back.  This is a question I've asked myself many times.

Chekhov's Gun refers to the principle in writing that if you show a gun early on, you have to use it in the  story by the end.  My husband suggested that I use a phaser so it could also pay homage to Star Trek, but I didn't want to come across as confusing (even though not everyone will get this reference anyway).  I'll just have to honor Star Trek with something later on.
This is just something those who are bullied for being brainy can use as consolation.
A play on the phrase "and the meek shall inherit the Earth" with a look to the future tossed in.
Obviously this is a reference to "in the beginning, there was the word" and is a tribute to the computer geeks of the world who can do things with 0's and 1's that I could only dream of.
And these last two are separate designs but both play around with the arbitrary nature of the way we organize time into units that have so much meaning for us.

Anyway, I hope I didn't bore anyone.  If I did, oh well.  And if you liked what I had to say with these, keep an eye out for more.

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