Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cool Space GIFs

Here's a great animation that I originally encountered thanks to Kelli, a fellow blogger over at Delightfully Ludicrous.  I recommend that you go read what she had to say about this.  It's pretty great.

This image was, as far as I can tell, originally uploaded to Photobucket by ceruleanscarab, and it shows how our planets are orbiting the sun while the entire solar system is moving around the center of the galaxy.  


Now here are a couple of others I liked, though they're not so scientifically based as this last one.  They are, however, visually appealing.

By blue-nightingale.

By Richtoon18.


  1. These are cool images. I think I'm having flashbacks, for better or worse.

  2. How can i contact the owner of the 2cnd one? i would like to use it in my profile :D

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