Saturday, April 27, 2013

X is for X-Ray Astronomy

X-rays have a shorter wavelength and higher frequency than visible light.  Most people encounter x-rays for the first time in a medical setting, but x-rays are extremely useful for astronomical purposes as well.  That's because plenty of objects emit x-rays.

Here's a video that discusses the history, present, and possible future of x-ray astronomy.


  1. I learned a bit about x-ray astronomy doing my natural requirements of my English degree last year. I took Solar Systems first and then Galaxies and The Universe. For an English student, I actually enjoyed (well, kind of) learning about astronomy.

    Cheers from Brandy at

  2. My husband is really in to astronomy, and knows something about this.

  3. I find space, well, 'fascinating'. I had no idea x-rays could be used in space exploration - thanks for this eye-opening post!

    Glad I found you on the A to Z challenge! =)

  4. X-rays are quite interesting. I'm still trying to explain how they work to my five year old, but he'll probably end up explaining them to me at this rate.

    Visiting from A to Z. Enjoyed this!