Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for Scales of Size

The universe is so grand in scale that the human mind can scarcely imagine its size.  Nevertheless, we try to find ways to make sense of that incomprehensible size.  Here are a couple of videos that boggle the mind and stimulate the imagination.  And the second one (which I posted on this blog months ago) is narrated by Morgan Freeman!


  1. L.G., I love, love, love your blog! Loved listening to Morgan Freeman too and am definitely showing my kids this video!
    visiting from #atozchallenge

  2. IC11O1 is a monstrous galaxy. I was convinced the narrator was going to tell us about a new thriving Earth planet, out there, somewhere in this great unknown but alas IC11O1 is fading. There has to be one somewhere, doesn't there LG?

  3. You couldn't be writing about anything (nonfiction and science-related) that interests me more! Don't understand 1/4 what I read about physics and astronomy, but they're so darned fascinating. Good posts. Happy blogging.

    Jan at Website
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  4. I think I'm with Jan, I don't always understand the details but I love it nonetheless.

    Lyre @ Lyre's Musings #atozchallenge

  5. Here's a classic with that kind of theme called "Cosmic Zoom". It was created by the National Film Board of Canada back in 1968. It also has the added feature of an inner zoom as well. Enjoy

  6. Here's another one you might enjoy from the National Film Board of Canada called "Universe" from 1960.
    This film was one of the main inspirations behind Kubrick's 2001 a Space Odyssey.
    See if you can guess the narrator.