Monday, July 9, 2012

Oh, Those Wacky Scientists!

Here is a little tribute to the scientists of the world who strive everyday to learn about the universe we live in. A lot of people think that scientists are dry, boring people, but the reality is often the exact opposite.  All of the pictures in this post come from HERE.

Now, this last one doesn't have to do with real life scientists, but Starfleet is loaded with scientifically-minded people and artificial beings.  So it counts, right?  Oh well.  Whether it does or not, this is my post and I'll put it here if I want to.


  1. ROFL!! Oh how funny!! I love the last picture!! Wasn't there a woman on that show named data? or Dana?

  2. That last one had me laughing out loud! How weird that that old episode (which I've seen) would fit so well with comments on the new Android Smartphone!! So good so good!

  3. The true delight is finding out rather than knowing.